Innovative green technology developed with German Know-How

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Green Energy Technology

New ways to extract energy from renewable sources

Energy Harvesting

Efficient use of ambient energy through new technology

Ultra Low Energy

Wireless technology on the basis of energy harvesting

Energy Drive

Innovative drive technology for micro and low energy applications

Smart Security Technology

New security features and longer reliability through green energy

Green Energy

Ready to use green energy through ultra low energy technology

Secure Wireless

Innovative Crypto-Unit designed for security products


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4D-IMU Inspection Robot from megafunk-robotics is here

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  • Smart Screw Unit

    for wind farms, turbines and ship's engines

    This unit is designed for safety critical bolts like the rotor studs on windmills , fastening of turbines and various safety bolts on ship's engines. This unit enables to detect the point of time when a screw connection looses the mechanical strength. In this case the unit will send a signal over the air to check this bolt.

  • 4D-IMU Inspection Robot

    Intelligent wireless sensor marker

    Nowadays it is difficult to inspect sewer connections, pipelines, caves and other unknown underground tunnels. The 4D-IMU Inspection Robot automatically marks the point of interest. This helps to find the exact position for repairing and re-inspection.

  • Micro Energy Drive

    for ultra low energy applications

    This Micro Energy drive is a bi-directional piezoelectric drive. It is designed to support the energy consumption of ultra low energy applications.

  • Energy Harvesting Film

    Transparent windows energy film

    Our new project is a transparent film for windows and glass facades. The film will convert the UV light into energy. We think if we use the surfaces of the glass we can save a lot of fossil fuels and it is good for the environment.

  • KLX-Wireless Event Unit

    Ultra low energy wireless event unit

    KLX is an energy-efficient wireless event unit for single-family or multi-family homes, apartments and businesses. Automatic notification of unusual manipulations of objects thanks to innovative sensor technology.

  • SURPASS-Platform

    IoT plug & play solution

    Privacy and security platform to protect internet of thinks (IoT) devices and systems such as wind farms, photovoltaic, smart grid and off-grid systems. The plug & play boxes protects the connections between management service and IoT-Systems.

  • Let's

We are a powerful and innovative Saxon company in the field of energy harvesting, civil and building security technology. Our interdisciplinary team develops sustainable product innovations for national and international customers at the location Neukirchen in the Erzgebirge in Saxony for leading companies.